• Urban Edge’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol UE.
  • December 31
  • American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
    6201 15th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    (800) 937-5449
    (212) 936-5100
  • All Common Stock dividends are declared at the discretion of the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Dividends on these shares are typically paid in March, June, September and December.
  • Yes, Urban Edge Properties provides a Dividend Reinvestment Plan which enables shareholders to automatically invest dividends as well as make voluntary cash payments towards the purchase of additional shares.
  • All cash dividends registered in the participants’ names are automatically reinvested in full and fractional shares unless otherwise indicated in the Enrollment Application. You can enroll to have your cash dividends applied toward the purchase of additional shares through the Plan Administrator at www.amstock.com.
  • Yes, the following link provides additional information.
  • Urban Edge offers direct deposit of dividends to its shareholders. Direct deposit allows you to have your cash dividend on your Urban Edge stock deposited directly into your personal checking, savings or other bank account at the financial institution of your choice. Each time a dividend is paid, you will receive a confirmation by mail of the deposit and its amount. If you are partially reinvesting dividends, direct deposit is not available. If you are interested in this service, simple complete the “Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement,” sign where indicated and return it to AST&T. You may also sign-up online at www.amstock.com. In order to have your cash dividends directly deposited, please be sure to enroll at least 30 days prior to the dividend payment date.
  • Shareholder must send the following to AST&T: (i) Letter of instructions; (ii) stock certificates; (iii) provide stock power or filled out back of certificate and have signatures guaranteed; and (iv) the title and last pages of the Trust documents.
  • Mark Langer
    EVP and Chief Financial Officer
    888 7th Avenue
    New York, NY 10019
    (212) 956-0082
  • Dividend tax treatment information is usually announced via press release in January. The information is subsequently posted on the Press Releases & Supplemental Information tab under Investors.
  • Typical Release months are: May (for first quarter results), August (for second quarter results), End of November (for third quarter results), and February (for fourth quarter results). Approximately one month prior to our earnings release announcement, a press release containing the specific release date and time will be made available.
  • Yes, online copies of our quarterly earnings releases are available on our Press Releases & Supplemental Information tab under Investors. You can request hard copies of these releases and other Investor Relations materials here.
  • You can find the Annual Shareholder Meeting Information here [including link to “Annual Meeting Information”]. The meeting location, date and time may be found in the front of Urban Edge’s Proxy (DEF 14A) which is filed with the SEC in April of every year. For our current Proxy filing, please see the SEC Filings tab under Investors.